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Vision Montessori Summer Camp

Children 2 - 7 years

We offer a summer camp program for children 2 to 7 years of age. The summer camp is an enrichment of our traditional Montessori program designed to stimulate the imagination of children and with an emphasis on fun.


Our summer camp program consists of two week sessions throughout the summer. We incorporate art, literature, and outdoor play in all of our camps.


$800 / 2 week session*

* Call 703-724-1500 for multiple session discounts

  • Camping Session (Jun 12 – 23)

  • Discover the Ocean (Jun 26 - Jul 7) 

  • Gardening Session (Jul 10 - 21)

  • Little Chefs (Jul 24 - Aug 4)

  • Mad Science (Aug 7 -18)

  • Community Helpers (Aug 21 -Sep 1)

Session Detail

Camping Session

June 12 - 23

The campers will learn what gear they will need to pack on their camping trip. For example, the campers will need clothing and a First Aid Kit. They will be learning survival tactics.  They will also learn what kinds of food need to be packed. Food is a big part of camping, as you need it for energy. The campers will learn what objects to use and how to identify animal foot prints. They will take a walk outside to see if they can find foot prints of any animals.


Discovering the Ocean

June 26 - July 7

Oceanography has four different branches: biological oceanography, Chemical oceanography, Geological oceanography and Physical oceanography.  We will be focusing on learning about the biological oceanography, which is the study of animals, sea plants, their life cycles and food production.



July 10 - 21

The “Gardeners” will be planting vegetables like lettuce and scallions. They will be learning about what types of tools gardeners need and about the proper clothing gardeners need to wear. They will also learn the differences between a plant and a weed and how each season effects the job of a gardener.


Little Chefs

July 24 - Aug 4

The “chefs” will learn the difference between the positions that are in a restaurant. The little chefs will learn how to properly wash their hands, how to prepare food, and the proper way to clean up. They will be exploring by cooking simple dishes.

Mad Science

Aug 7 -18

The “little scientists” will be experimenting different scientific activities. The children will learn important concepts including, trial and error, and being able to observe and explain unusual experiments. Enroll and see what we have in store for the little scientists.  

Community Helpers

Aug 21 – Sep 1

Our students will learn about what is a community helper and the different role they have in our community. They will get a chance to become a community helper themselves. They will role play and learn more about their new job in the community and the benefits they will bring for the civilians.


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